lilmslenna (lilmslenna) wrote,

Well, this is it.

My new life.

I arrived today feeling happy and excited about it all.

Although, I didn't cry when I left my family, I did cry after discovering a note, left by my Mum in one of my bags.

This was the note:

To my darling girl,

I have never doubted you. You are, always have been, and always will be very, very special.

Although sad in some ways, this is a happy day because it means you are moving on in life. You want to follow a dream and you will.

I am incredibly proud of you, please always remember that.

Dad and I love you with all our hearts and we feel happy knowing you are leaving home loving us too.

Please take care of yourself.

Always think of yourself as 'No. 1' and do things that make you happy - because when you are happy you will spread your happiness to others.

Dad and I want you to be happy.

When you were a tiny baby I awoke one night to see stars dancing around your feet. And I said, then, that I believed you would, one day, be a star.

You are always our star. Now go out there, work hard, learn well, enjoy it and show the rest of the world what a star you can be.

I love you Tiffy.



That really brougbt tears to my eyes and made me realise how much I will miss them.

Other than that I'm happy here, even though I do not have the net! :D

I'm going to have to buy Daniel an external NIC card (USB version) as he doesn't have one. *slaps*


This is day one of my new life.

Let's just hope it'll be a life I can enjoy and gain much from.
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Haha. The old "Slip the letter in while she isn't looking" trick. Works every time.
Letter? O_o
Oh my.
yeah you will :) we all have faith! and we'll support you! right people?!
people: *murmer*
people: yeah! course!
:p we definately have faith in you
That was such a nice letter from your parents. :)
That was sweet of them.
I hope you really enjoy yourself. It's always hard leaving home the first time but home is always there and it makes it more special when you do get to visit. You'll always miss it a little bit.
I may be a right prick sometimes but I hope you know that I'll do what I can to make life easy for you - so long as it doesn't make life too difficult for me.
bless ^___^
we all loves you
Aw. That's so wonderful. Your mum's so we know where you get it from! xP

The best of luck, Tiffie. Now and forever! ^__~ Oh yes, and when you become a star, I GET FIRS DIBS ON YOUR AUTOGRAPH. And when you get married, I'M GONNA BE YOUR ...well, what was that again!?! o_O BRIDESMAID!!! ???? Is that?! Bah.

Wow... that letter... very nice. =D Almost made ME cry! XD
Glad things seem to be falling into place. Best of luck <3