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Things feel so different, I have a few things on my mind but I wont go into them :), either way I'm happy with everything.

Finally heard back from the hardship fund. It isn't much, but I'll be getting 20 quid a week ontop of my bursary, (and because I'm already 5 weeks into the course I should have 100 put straight into my account). Birth certificate too. Means I can contact the college and get them to do my bursary quicker (cause they need it ;().

Got a doctors appointment on Monday, well, I'm going to see the practice nurse, because I registered today. One of the things I should have done asap, but 1 I didn't know where I was going and 2 too busy, or everyone else was too busy xD.

Started playing Simpsons Hit & Run, falling in love with it.

I really, really, like Nick. The only thing that annoys me, is he has a habit which he's gotten used to, of being on the computer and always playing his guitar. He's not had a gf for over a year so it's become a routine for him xD.
He's worried about me. Mainly because I find it hard to talk to him about problems or how I feel. I've become so used to keeping myself to myself in real life that it's hard to tell someone to their face how I feel. He says he's going to help me break that habit. So whenever he's been playing the guitar etc, I've just tried to find something else to do, or fall asleep on his bed or my bed. Today he noticed I was a bit down and asked what was wrong. Silly me always saying nothing. When I took him to the bus stop I told him and he promised me he'd try to cut down xD so I said to him, if he can last a month spending more time with me when he's asked me round, then I'll give him a present/surprise. He's ok with it xD but he's asked me to talk to him more as my cut down.

It's quite funny, I know he cares about me for certain occasions, and it's making me really happy. Last week I was supposed to go to his, and was on the bus at night for the first time to his when not meeting him first. So I was a bit nervous and ended up missing my stop, going to the next town. He said it was a rough place and I got lost. Then cause I'd been on the phone to my mum earlier on my battery died. He ended up sprinting to the next town because he was worried I'd get hurt. Now no one else I've dated would have done that for me xD. Another thing that's funny, is he'll tell me to shh as a joke and I will, just to wind him up, and EVERY time he always and I mean ALWAYS begs me not to shut up. hehe so cute.

College is great, the only thing I'm struggling with, is music Theory. All the damn notations etc. So damn confusing.

Sally's becoming one of my close friends at college. It's nice to have someone to phone me or I can phone them to just chat, someone that I can see too. It's great. I feel great. First time ever I could say.

Daniel's still a darling :P, unfortunately I wont get to go and see Blood Brothers, which is something I was looking forward too, but I am pissed off with the fact my bursary hasn't come through yet ;( which means no money at all. So no show :(. I've got to record me singing for Daniel too, Sarah McLachlan's Angel to be precise xD. I did promise it to him ages ago. Oh well, I shall do that soon <33333333.

My birthday is 17 days away. I'm so looking forward to it. I want to go out and do something for it but I have no idea where to go or what to do or anything. haha. It'll be great either way. xD

I should have gone home for this week, but I decided not to because of the money problems. I know my mum would have paid for my ticket but she's paid over 300 quid for me to use until my bursary comes through, and it'd cost a load more for a rail ticket back here if I went home with them. I think it'd just have been much better at christmas than now. My big sister tried to make me feel guilty, or it seemed it though. Saying that my niece and nephew were really upset about me not wanting to see them. It upset me. But it's not my fault.

Oh well, that's my life up to date for now.

Toodle-PiP :P
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